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Mining Pool For PirateChain (ARRR)

Algorithm: Equihash
Payout Frequency: 0.05 Hours
Min Payout: 1 ARRR
Pool Fee: 1%

Pirate chain, the most private and anonymous cryptocurrency, is mineable here. Learn more:

50% of the pool fee is donated to the PIRATE onboarding fund and

Download the latest Agama wallet and create a sapling address (starts with zs1) and connect to the new stratum ports labeled as arrr on Getting Started.

You need to migrate sprout funds in your own zc wallet address by 2019-02-01. A quick guide on how to migrate can be found here. You could also try this service to swap your coins.

arrr Pool Stats

  • 2 Miners
  • 11 Workers
  • 323.21 KSol/s (Now)
  • ... (Avg)
  • Luck 1.032 Days

arrr Network Stats

  • Block Height: 767784
  • Network Hash/s: 150.15 MSol/s
  • Difficulty: 467.6M
  • Total Supply: 196,552,704
  • Node Connections: 163