How To Use Your CPU To Earn ARRR In 8 Steps

Multimining is a concept that first appeared when Proof of Stake was the new fad. Miners who enjoyed years of Proof of work were left out and only investors reaped the benefits of a PoS coin. Eventually pools got smart and invented the concept of a Multi-Pool. It is such a pool we will be using to mine Pirate Chain (ARRR). In this example we are using (alternatively you can also use


We will be mining Verus Coin in this guide because its the most lucrative CPU coin at the moment. So grab your plums and focus for a few minutes.

Step 1

Download – Password is 12345678

Step 2

Copy Files into a New Folder

Step 3

Edit the .bat file

Step 4

Leave that open and go to (or and use the generator as seen below.

Step 5

Now copy that code and paste it over the highlighted text in the .bat file you opened like this… Use the Pirate Lite wallet to get an address


Step 6

Should look like this…Change the word VERUSHASH to VERUS, then go to file at the top and SAVE.

You can change the number of threads your cpu can handle here (if you have a 2 core CPU then you have 4 threads), its always double the amount of cores you have.

Step 7

Then double click and hold on tight

Step 8

Now you should be mining verus coin and getting paid in pirate, this can work of any coin the pool offers. I am currently mining litecoin with my asics, eth with my gpu’s and getting paid only in ARRR.


You can now go to the wallets menu item on the zergpool site and add your Pirate address that your mining to, and now you can monitor progress.

Written by LooTz and published by +DreamTim (KOSIUS on

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