Pirate Operating System 1.0: Ghostship OS

GhostShip OS In today’s digital world, every action online is monitored and tracked. All financial transactions are at best recorded, or worse, hijacked by hackers for future illicit purchases. Pirate Chain is the most secure and anonymous cryptocurrency. Users of Pirate Chain ($ARRR) are assured they are using the most private form of money transfer …

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Pirate Chain  –  November Update 2019

Preamble Ahoy Pirates! November has gone by fast and the most private cryptocurrency Pirate Chain has had tremendous success in the Cayman Islands! Marketing events Pirate sponsored the Pirate Weeks Festival! A strong contingent consisting of Captain Draeth, Firstmates Lootz, House, Ph0enix, along with Deckhand Wolf and Powdermonkey Zmarc. The purpose of this trip was …

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How to Run PIRATE Chain using TOR?

This article is to show you how to run PIRATE (ARRR) chain using TOR network. Requirements: Tor Browser komodo binaries Steps: Start Tor Browser as usual and use the following command to start PIRATE blockchain:./komodod \-ac_name=PIRATE \-ac_supply=0 \-ac_reward=25600000000 \-ac_halving=77777 \-ac_private=1 \-addnode= \-addnode= \-daemon \-proxy=   # Connect through TOR SOCKS5 proxy \-listen   # Accept connections from …

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